Album and Show Coming Soon!.

I just wanted to give an update on the new record. The name of it will be be “Magic Theatre” as a homage to a literary device Herman Hesse uses in his book “Steppemwolf”. I am currently finishing up the vocals and hope to start mixing it in the next couple of weeks. I’ll put some clips out of some initial mixes soon! The tracks to be included are:

1) Bishop’s Dream
2) Recognition
3) The Prescription
4) The Betrayal
5) The Descent
6) I Am The King
7) Full Escape
8) Borderline
9) Provenance
10) Leaving The Way
11) Welcome To The Strange
12) The Devotee
13) A Perfect Something
14) My Heart, My Head
15) Wonder Boy, Wonder
16) Naked
17) Kindred Spirits
18) Bishop’s Castle



Hey Everyone,

It’s been 13 months in the making but, I’ve finally finished my green screen studio (It’s been my “Rube Goldberg” contraption).  I shot a little video for St. Patrick’s Day to commemorate it.  Shortly, I will be transferring over to while tweaking the site a bit as well.  Make sure you eat some corned beef for the holiday and try not to get too drunk.



Kurzweil PC88 Doesn’t Like Getting Wet

January 21, 2011

I just want to give a sincere thanks to RossTronics who fixed my Kurzweil PC88 keyboard.  You are a miracle worker! I wasn’t sure whether those 7 or so keys would ever work properly again.  If anybody in the Colorado Springs area ever needs repair work on their electronical instruments and audio gear – go to […]

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You Can’t Smell A Download…Yet

April 16, 2010

Some of us are inclined to think that if something is free, than it’s probably pretty crappy. I tend to be one of those people. But on the flip side, I am always looking for something free online. I can’t help it. Also, I expect it and seeking free stuff online has become one of […]

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Stylistically You’ve Got to Wonder

April 7, 2010

With the advent of the Internet, we live in an age of hyper-categorization. You can find a sub-category of a sub-category from a niche of a subset as obscure as an Eskimo tropical resort community. I’ve wrestled with how to describe my music for many years and have never truly decided on a label. I’m […]

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Presonus Firebox Firewire Audio Interface – So Fried!

March 27, 2010

For those of you who are not interested in the the technical aspects of recording, I would suggest that you skip this blog. First off, I must state that I was satisfied with the overall performance of my Presonus Firebox firewire audio interface. I found the preamps to be clean and it offers multiple outputting […]

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Hopefully Not the Most Interesting Blog

March 24, 2010

The word “interesting” cracks me up almost every time I hear someone say it. From my experience, it is rarely used as it is defined. The dictionary states that interesting means to hold one’s attention. For any of you who are artists, it means something entirely different. Now I don’t know about you, but when […]

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